While snowed in this weekend, I decided to take a crack at restarting an old project I'd let fall by the wayside: the tumblr It Came From The Craft Section!!! 

I've been building things out of pipe cleaners for as long as I can remember, and created the site several years ago to showcase some of the many creations and tributes I've made. The pipe cleaner art on the site come from movies, books, games, real life, and concept art (you know, all that good stuff). 

When the Washington Post named the storm 'Snowzilla', I took it as a good omen for getting the project going again, as well as inspiration for the first new uploaded pipe cleaner creation in something like half a year.

Thus, Actual Snowzilla rose from the icy depths

Thanks, Winter Storm Snowzilla 2016! 

And hopefully this will be the start of more regular schedule pipe cleaner art on It Came From The Craft Section!!!